Kitchen essentials for the perfect Christmas Dinner

November 2, 2022

Is it your turn to cook Christmas dinner this year? Here are the kitchen essentials you need to make sure your day is as stress-free as possible.

Take note of these kitchen essentials to impress your guests on the 25th December. No matter how many guests you have, these kitchen favourites are sure to make cooking dinner easier, your food should look better and taste better! From a Masterclass Roasting Tray to roast a succulent turkey, a lovely gravy boat to go with your table decoration or some beautifully designed wine glasses to add a little extra luxury to your day. We have it all here.

Masterclass Roasting Tray with Rack

The perfect choice for roasting a beautiful joint of meat, this non-stick roasting pan features a removable roasting rack that easily allows the fat to drain away for healthier cooking.

The roasting pan and rack forms part of the MasterClass award winning bakeware collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking.

£33.95 – Click here for more.

Masterclass Cast Aluminium 4ltr Casserole dish in Hunters Green

This cast aluminium casserole cooks like cast iron but is lightweight and works on both oven and hobs, spreading the heat quickly and evenly.

£39.95 – £56.95 (Various sizes) –Click here for more.

Circulon Total 3 Piece Pot Set

A 3 piece anodized saucepan set is an essential for every kitchen, whether you’re a novice cook or a professional chef.

£119.95 – Click here for more.

T&G Acacia Chopping Board

Functional, practical and durable with a natural charm.

£50.00 – Click here for more.

Dexam Glass Baster

Glass baster with 30ml measurement gauge.

£6.95 – Click here for more.

Scion Christmas Fox Oven Gloves

The cheeky and cheerful Mr Fox is back for Christmas dressed in this limited-edition festive jumper and hat design. Made from quality cotton, the double oven gloves will protect hands from hot pots and saucepans and have an insulating inner.

£21.95 – Click here for more.

Scion Christmas Fox Apron

Perfect design to bring some festive cheer to your kitchen.

£23.95 – Click here for more.

In the Forest Gravy Boat

The Gravy Boat is made from fine, durable stoneware which is perfect for retaining heat from sauces and gravy.

£10.95 – Click here for more.

Barcraft corkscrew

Everyday essentials for the bar at home, BarCraft offers a selection of bar essentials to bring the fun inside your home.

£5.95 – Click here for more.

Anton House Speckle Wine Glasses

This mixture of bright and vibrant coloured glass beads, broken up with crisp, white beads creates a beautiful swirl of colours in every piece.

£38.95 – Click here for more.

Epicurean Stainless Steel 6 bottle wine cooler

Holding up to 6 wine bottles at once, this cooler is perfect for chilling and serving several types of wine at once. With an internal, stainless-steel coating, this wine cooler doubles up as an elegant punch bowl that is sure to impress.

£79.95 – Click here for more.

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